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Gambling inspired Songs

Gambling inspired Songs

Songs written about gambling When you are gambling online one of the benefits is being able to make your own...

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Celebrities who are poker players

featured6 - Celebrities who are poker players

Celebrity Poker Players

Celebrities help to draw in the public and legitimize the game.

Some of the best celebrity poker players

Jennifer Tilly

21 - Celebrities who are poker players

One of the most accomplished tournament celebrity players, Jennifer Tilly, boasts a WSOP bracelet and has accumulated nearly $600000 in tournament winnings.


Gabe Kaplan

22 - Celebrities who are poker players

One of the more skilled players the sixty-six years has cashed for more than one-million dollars in tournaments.


Tobey Maguire

23 - Celebrities who are poker players

Better known as Spider-Man is a good play, in fact maybe one of the best.  At thirty-six this actor has won more at the tables than any of the other celebrities on our list.


Ben Affleck

24 - Celebrities who are poker players

$10000 buy-in major for no-limit hold’ em title, Ben has accomplished something a lot of seasoned pros are still trying to accomplish.  He is also and alleged participant in high-stakes Hollywood home games.


Shannon Elizabeth

25 - Celebrities who are poker players

American Pie actress has been known to play a lot of tournament poker with quite a few results having finished third in the 2007 NBC National Heads-Up championship


Michael Phelps

26 - Celebrities who are poker players

Michael Phelps said he loves the game of poker, he is excited to improve his poker game although not much is known about this celebrity’s poker skill set.


Bruce Buffer

27 - Celebrities who are poker players

Is not such a bad player himself, having racked up $259047 in prize money and has also appeared in Poker After Dark.


Nick Cassavetes

28 - Celebrities who are poker players

Director of the Notebook can hold his own against the top prize winners.


Sam Simon

29 - Celebrities who are poker players

Co-creator of the Simpsons has amassed a list of poker accomplishments


TV Show Celebrity Poker Showdown

Celebrity Poker Showdown, a celebrity game show on tv station Bravo and ran eight tournaments in its five seasons.

The show was hosted by Dave Foley and was not renewed before the ninth tournament was to be played.

The first seven tournaments were held and taped at the Palms casino in Paradis, Nevada and was filed in front of a live studio audience.

Eliminated players were removed to the “Losers Lounge” where they would watch the rest of the game taking place. The show ran for two hours a show.

The show was officiated by tournament director Robert Thompson who coined the phrase “Shuffle up and deal!” The show hosted quite a few very well know actors giving it an impressive cast line up.

WSOP Hall of Fame Album

featured5 - WSOP Hall of Fame Album

The Poker Hall of Fame, was established in 1979 where it was acquired along with the WSOP in 2004 by Caesars Entertainment.

The Hall of Fame, though virtual in nature, has an impressive membership which includes poker’s most influential players alongside other just as important contributors to the game.

The honour of the Poker Hall-of-Famer has been bestowed upon 54 individuals of which twenty-five are still alive as to date.

Traditionally electingonly one or twomembers annually the ceremony is currently held in concert and the final table of the Main Event is held in Las Vegas in November each year.


The Poker Hall of Fame honour is bestowed upon those who meet the following criteria:

Minimum age of forty at time of nomination

Must have played against top acknowledged competition

Gained the respect of their peers with their consistent wins and skills

Have played for high stakes

And been a long-standing player that “stood the test of time”

Or, for non-players, contributed to the overall growth and success of the game of poker, with indelible positive and lasting results.


The 54 Poker Hall of Fame members:

1979 – Nick Dandolos, James Butler Johnny Moss, Red Winn, Felton McCorquodale, Edmond Hoyle, Sid Wyman

1980 – T. Forbes

1981 – Bill Boyd

1982 – Tom Abdo

1983 –    Joe Bernstein

1984 – Murph Harrold

1985 – Red Hodges

1986 – Henry Green

1987 – Walter Clyde Pearson

1988 – Doyle Brunson

1989 – Fred Ferris

1990 – Benny Binion

1991 – David Reese

1992 – Thomas Austin Preston

1993 – jack Keller

1996 – Julius Popwell

1997 – Roger Moore

2001 – Stu Ungar

2002 – Lyle Berman and Johnny Chan

2003 – Bobby Baldwin

2004 – Berry Johnston

2005 – Crandell Addington

2006 – Billy Baxter and T.J. Cloutier

2007 Barbara Enright and Phil Hellmuth

2008 – Henry Orenstein and Duane Tomko

2009 – Mike Sexton

2010 – Dan Harrington and Erik Seidel

2011 – Barry Greenstein and Linda Johnson

2012 – Eric Drache and Brian Roberts

2013 – Tom McEvoy and Scotty Nguyen

2014 – Jack McClelland and Daniel Negreanu

2015 – Jennifer Harman and John Juanda

2016 – Todd Brunson and Carlos Mortensen

2017 – Phil Ivey and David Ulliot



With 2018 riding our heels now I am sure the WSOP is gearing up for next years big game as excited poker fans look forward to seeing who not only takes home the title and whopping prize money but is honored with the Hall of fame title.  For more information for the upcoming 2018 WSOP event visit their website it has all the up-to-date event details.

info1 - WSOP Hall of Fame Album
Infographic by: calvinayre.com

Gambling inspired Songs

featured4 - Gambling inspired Songs

Songs written about gambling

When you are gambling online one of the benefits is being able to make your own playlist so why not make one with songs that were inspired by gambling.


I have compiled some of my favorites:

Easy Money

This song is sung by Billy Joel is mainly about betting on horses, fights and various table games sung about what appears to be a compulsive gambler that would probably sell his mother for money to gamble.


Tumbling Dice

Performed by the Rolling Stones and great for any dice related games especially if you keep rolling those nines and sixes.


The Gambler

An oldie, but still one of my firm favorites sung by the one and only Kenny Rogers with his “made-for-county” voice.  Mainly about poker and sprouting some advice on when to hold, fold them and when to let go of them altogether and go!  So he is also in a way advocating responsible gambling somewhere in there!

Poker Face

Let’s not forget Lady Gaga and her P-P-P-Poker Face!  Okay so maybe she is not talking about cards exactly, but she is basically relating to playing men like she would a game of poker!  So a bit about surviving relationships by being a good gambler!


Devil Went Down to Georgia

Okay, this must be the best foot stomping, line dancing and makes you want to pick up a fiddle!  So this one is more about making those deals that could basically steal your soul!  When the devil makes a bet with a fiddler named Johnny – his soul against a fiddle of gold.  Lucky for Johnny he was a good fiddler!  There is a lesson in there somewhere!



A Charles Ray song and as the title reveals mostly a song that is blackjack inspired when the gambler loses all his money on the blackjack table so a good song to inspire a person to take a break when things are not going to well on the tables!


House of the Rising Sun

This classic by the Animals about a house of sin and shame!  For those of you that like the band Five Finger Death Punch they released their version of this song a few years back:


I am sure there are many, many more and I would really like to hear what is on your gambling time playlists please see the “Contact-me” section to send in your playlists.

Best of the TV Shows that involve Gambling

featured3 - Best of the TV Shows that involve Gambling

Live Roulette

an interactive gaming showsit launched in June 2005. The show uses a real casino wheel, croupiers and a ball using the European wheel and number system. Every three minutes the croupier spins the wheel, bets must be placed in that time.

The Actors are:  OrekeMosheshe, and Chantel Shafie
the show first premiered in 2005


Smart Live Casino

This show is a British online live casino, which launched in May 2007. They are most popular for their wide range of live casino products. The how is hosted by a live croupier.


Kinsmen Super TV Bingo

Bingo that is operated and televised on live television. Operated Kinsmen, Kinette and Kin Clubs in their own studio
Bingo Cards are sold in many locations if you see their website they are listed.

The bingo runs from November to April each year where viewers can both watch and play along with the game on their local cable and or satellite channel once again the channel listings can be found on their website. There is a winning prize money each week of anywhere up to $5000.

As Kinsmen Super TV Bingo is run by volunteers the money from the sale of the bingo cards go to various charities which are also listed on their site.


Las Vegas

11 - Best of the TV Shows that involve Gambling

Yes, I know it is not a live tv show as such, but it has a young Josh Duhamel in, with twists and turns, drama, suspense and action all revolving around the operations of a casino, so I thought I would throw it in the mix for some aged entertainment that is watchable over and over.



12 - Best of the TV Shows that involve Gambling

As a movie, this must be a firm favorite and has all the greed, power, murder, suspense and executive competition over a gambling empire.  With actors such as Sharon Stone, Al Pacino, James Peci and James wood this is a classic worth watching again plus one to keep in your collection.



13 - Best of the TV Shows that involve Gambling

This move was one a truth-based story about a group of MIT students expertly trained to count cards and taking casinos in Vegas for millions of dollars in winnings.


There are a lot of various shows about gambling and online gaming should you have a list of your favorites why not write in and let’s share them especially if they are ones that seem to get missed or overshadowed by the larger than life production companies and big movie screen names!

Board Posts

featured2 - Board Posts

For most gambling does not turn into a problem

Some recent studies have found that at least about a third of problem gamblers to be under 30, many of them are unsure of what to do or where to turn for help and or support with their problem.

For most people gambling does not turn into a problem but for those that it does it becomes a massive one.

Here are a few questions you can ask your children to better understand if they have a problem or not:

1) Ask if they gamble –  Do not approach them aggressively or in any way that will make them feel like you are accusing them of something.  People with gambling problems already feel guilty enough and thinking they are being accused of something may make them defensive.  Keep in mind that under-18s aren’t allowed to gamble but online gambling and gambling apps have made gambling more accessible to minor.  So, make it completely clear you are asking and not accusing them of anything

2) Find out how often they gamble and what they like about it! –  A lot of people gamble responsibly and never developing a problem. For a lot of people, it is the same as figuring out a Sudoku or finding out how to beat a system, it is a challenge.  But if it is for the mere rush or thrill of it take it as a warning sign there are many ways you can stop a person from gambling.  It may also be wise to have them checked out to see if they have any underlying mental health issues like depression!

3) Where are they getting the money from? Young people gamble, are often gambling with someone else’s money as the parent it is most likely yours.


A gambling problem can affect anyone but there are a few factors that put younger people at a higher possibility of it becoming a problem.  One is a family history of gambling and the other is that the younger people start the deeper they seem to become entrenched.

A great date-night idea!

featured1 - A great date-night idea!

Out of ideas for your next date-night?

Do you feel that you and your partner need to reconnect, get some zing back into your relationship well a great “datenight”?  Well, why not try booking you both on a casino tour, get back the fun and excitement of those “first-date” feelings as you head on a casino tour date!


Many casino tour company options to choose from

There are many tour operators spread throughout the country.  They offer from single day to multiple day trips and their packages usually have passes to the various shows, casino chips, etc.

I have listed a few companies that offer such tours:


Lakefront Lines

1 - A great date-night idea!

A Cleveland Based tour operator that has some great casino tour offers their sites lists the various packages, times, etc.

Lakefront Lines offer both single and multi-day tours, with air-conditioned luxury buses to take you from your point-to-point.


Van Galder Bus Company

2 - A great date-night idea!

Van Galder Bus Company have offices nationwide with all the information you need to plan your trip or call their helpful support line.

With air-conditioned, tour-guided luxury buses escorting you from your collection point to the various casinos you can sit back relax and enjoy the fun.



3 - A great date-night idea!
This website has a list of multi companies that offer not only casino tours but a whole host of different single-day and multi-day trips.  It has a lot of handy information, prices, contact numbers and websites.  This site would be a great starting point to plan that casino tour date!



A casino tour is not only a fun outing, weekend or holiday for partners but for anyone over the legal gambling age really.

Being on a tour means you get to be chauffeured in a luxury air-conditioned bus with guides readily on hand with all the information, advice and resources you need but you can really relax and enjoy yourself as you do not have the stress of having to drive, find parking and the relaxation of an evening seems to go out of the window!  Casino Tours are great fun and well worth a tour date!