Year: 2017

WSOP Hall of Fame Album

featured5 - WSOP Hall of Fame Album

The Poker Hall of Fame, was established in 1979 where it was acquired along with the WSOP in 2004 by Caesars Entertainment. The Hall of Fame, though virtual in nature, has an impressive membership which includes poker’s most influential players alongside other just as important contributors to the game. The honour of the Poker Hall-of-Famer […]

Gambling inspired Songs

featured4 - Gambling inspired Songs

Songs written about gambling When you are gambling online one of the benefits is being able to make your own playlist so why not make one with songs that were inspired by gambling.   I have compiled some of my favorites: Easy Money This song is sung by Billy Joel is mainly about betting on […]

Best of the TV Shows that involve Gambling

featured3 - Best of the TV Shows that involve Gambling

Live Roulette an interactive gaming showsit launched in June 2005. The show uses a real casino wheel, croupiers and a ball using the European wheel and number system. Every three minutes the croupier spins the wheel, bets must be placed in that time. The Actors are:  OrekeMosheshe, and Chantel Shafie the show first premiered in 2005 […]

Board Posts

featured2 - Board Posts

For most gambling does not turn into a problem Some recent studies have found that at least about a third of problem gamblers to be under 30, many of them are unsure of what to do or where to turn for help and or support with their problem. For most people gambling does not turn […]

A great date-night idea!

featured1 - A great date-night idea!

Out of ideas for your next date-night? Do you feel that you and your partner need to reconnect, get some zing back into your relationship well a great “datenight”?  Well, why not try booking you both on a casino tour, get back the fun and excitement of those “first-date” feelings as you head on a […]