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Songs written about gambling

When you are gambling online one of the benefits is being able to make your own playlist so why not make one with songs that were inspired by gambling.


I have compiled some of my favorites:

Easy Money

This song is sung by Billy Joel is mainly about betting on horses, fights and various table games sung about what appears to be a compulsive gambler that would probably sell his mother for money to gamble.


Tumbling Dice

Performed by the Rolling Stones and great for any dice related games especially if you keep rolling those nines and sixes.


The Gambler

An oldie, but still one of my firm favorites sung by the one and only Kenny Rogers with his “made-for-county” voice.  Mainly about poker and sprouting some advice on when to hold, fold them and when to let go of them altogether and go!  So he is also in a way advocating responsible gambling somewhere in there!

Poker Face

Let’s not forget Lady Gaga and her P-P-P-Poker Face!  Okay so maybe she is not talking about cards exactly, but she is basically relating to playing men like she would a game of poker!  So a bit about surviving relationships by being a good gambler!


Devil Went Down to Georgia

Okay, this must be the best foot stomping, line dancing and makes you want to pick up a fiddle!  So this one is more about making those deals that could basically steal your soul!  When the devil makes a bet with a fiddler named Johnny – his soul against a fiddle of gold.  Lucky for Johnny he was a good fiddler!  There is a lesson in there somewhere!



A Charles Ray song and as the title reveals mostly a song that is blackjack inspired when the gambler loses all his money on the blackjack table so a good song to inspire a person to take a break when things are not going to well on the tables!


House of the Rising Sun

This classic by the Animals about a house of sin and shame!  For those of you that like the band Five Finger Death Punch they released their version of this song a few years back:


I am sure there are many, many more and I would really like to hear what is on your gambling time playlists please see the “Contact-me” section to send in your playlists.

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