Best of the TV Shows that involve Gambling

featured3 - Best of the TV Shows that involve Gambling

Live Roulette

an interactive gaming showsit launched in June 2005. The show uses a real casino wheel, croupiers and a ball using the European wheel and number system. Every three minutes the croupier spins the wheel, bets must be placed in that time.

The Actors are:  OrekeMosheshe, and Chantel Shafie
the show first premiered in 2005


Smart Live Casino

This show is a British online live casino, which launched in May 2007. They are most popular for their wide range of live casino products. The how is hosted by a live croupier.


Kinsmen Super TV Bingo

Bingo that is operated and televised on live television. Operated Kinsmen, Kinette and Kin Clubs in their own studio
Bingo Cards are sold in many locations if you see their website they are listed.

The bingo runs from November to April each year where viewers can both watch and play along with the game on their local cable and or satellite channel once again the channel listings can be found on their website. There is a winning prize money each week of anywhere up to $5000.

As Kinsmen Super TV Bingo is run by volunteers the money from the sale of the bingo cards go to various charities which are also listed on their site.


Las Vegas

11 - Best of the TV Shows that involve Gambling

Yes, I know it is not a live tv show as such, but it has a young Josh Duhamel in, with twists and turns, drama, suspense and action all revolving around the operations of a casino, so I thought I would throw it in the mix for some aged entertainment that is watchable over and over.



12 - Best of the TV Shows that involve Gambling

As a movie, this must be a firm favorite and has all the greed, power, murder, suspense and executive competition over a gambling empire.  With actors such as Sharon Stone, Al Pacino, James Peci and James wood this is a classic worth watching again plus one to keep in your collection.



13 - Best of the TV Shows that involve Gambling

This move was one a truth-based story about a group of MIT students expertly trained to count cards and taking casinos in Vegas for millions of dollars in winnings.


There are a lot of various shows about gambling and online gaming should you have a list of your favorites why not write in and let’s share them especially if they are ones that seem to get missed or overshadowed by the larger than life production companies and big movie screen names!

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